Transcriptions and (a lot of) typing

Transcriptions are not strange to me. A critical part of my creative writing process is writing by hand my new ideas, because the process of writing in paper and the lack of distractions inside the pages of my notebooks foster my creativity. The computer comes in when I need to edit (and publish) my texts, for which I need to transcribe and decipher all my handwritten notes.

For this assignment, this didn’t work in the same way. I was not typing my own writings, which can also be thought about as transcripts of my own thoughts, but of video and notes.

The first one is about a video I shot 4 years ago, and I recently found. It is a small piece of documentation of an old project, which I also need to translate in order to add subtitles. The most difficult aspect was dealing with the punctuation and certain slang which would need to be translated.

Finally, I transcribed some notes from a talk about violence, psychoanalysis and street harassment. This notes could be seen as a first “transcript” from the original talk, and now this would be the second iteration. It is clear how this degrades the overall content, similar to the microphone game. The most difficult was dealing with a table (which I did in a similar way as Markdown), and a graph I could not transcribe at all.

The three text files can be downloaded down here:

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