Are we humans or are we coders? (humans, we’re humans)

Following my blog post from last week, I have been thinking a lot of Open Source, community building and how to maintain a nurturing environment. I realized I am not alone in my lack of participation and that many other developers, artists and overall coders feel like they would love to contribute,… but they don’t….

The cat-flap of open source

I have been coding for a long time. My interest began as a child, I’ve been using computers since I was 3 years old and my mom is a software engineer. Later, I got into civil engineering and coded my way to graduation and now I’m doing artistic stuff that uses code in one way…


Extra is an interactive conceptual exhibition piece. It combines a newspaper with sensors and projection mapping of news media to generate a reflection about media bombardment and the role of information.

A 3D experience about experiences

TL;DR: see the assignment or the code Learning three.js The documentation is good, and the examples on the web make it easy enough to learn how to use it, at least for the basic stuff. Setting it up To set the three.js canvas, we need to set up the scene, camera and renderer. In this…

Fragile sculpture for a fragile masculinity

Amongst the most fragile things in the universe we have glasses, grandma’s centenary china and specially, masculinity. Like, really, it is SO incredibly fragile. This fragility and how masculinity is constructed is what derives on the “Triad of Violence” and can be seen in the “Seven P’s of Men’s Violence” (both articles by Michael Kaufman)….

The worst Chilean supervillain: posting my fake plan online

(de)Motivation and Ideas Chile is about to have a new president. The elections will be held on November and Sebastián Piñera, Alejandro Guillier and Beatriz Sánchez are the main protagonists (at least for now). The corruption, misogyny and unethical practices of the former president of Chile does not seem to have any effect at all,…

First fake video

Notes on the class can be found here On class I had several problems on class while trying to make youtube-dl and videogrep work. Had to change ownership of several folders, as I did not have permission to write on them (how this happened is a mystery for now). Between the brew doctor and it’s…