Jumping Sampler

For this sampling assignment, I decided I wanted to create something playful and relaxing. I drew inspiration from some indie games and decided to create a simple platformer where a small character would jump on different blocks to trigger some samples, while listening to a background base loop.

users wanna use

A platform for users to freely make 3D content and have more expressive tools is amazing, but… if they cannot interact with the scene, it’s not that useful. Thus, this week I focused on creating some user tools on the website, such as the possibility to change user, scene and get the coordinates of an…

New Storytelling Platforms

Starting the task of creating an open cinematic creation tool, where you can manipulate the elements on a scene and everything gets saved and loaded online, I decided to go ahead and use three.js. It is a package I’m very comfortable with, so step was not that much of a stretch.

Draconian anxiety poems

This week’s assignment is creating a poetic form using tracery. I wanted to use this assignment as an exploration of my anxieties, of my fears, of the eternal presence of them in my life. I want to speak about how these fears get into my life, how they get under my skin unpredictably and inexorably,…

Flowing frustrations in rebellion

For this assignment, we had to create a text using at least two source texts and the list variable type. You can see all the source files in my GitHub repository Sources In an attempt to join my exploration of authors and topics, I chose some works by the poet Eileen Myles. I read her…

(c)Sound rendering

Csound is extremely interesting. It is from 1984, where the constraints of computing power required a paradigm less demanding than real-time audio processing. Instead, a csound file has to be rendered before hearing the final result. (Though, modern computers can do it real-time just fine.) But this brings some clear advantages. You can build a…

Computer-aided poetry

For this assignment, we had to create our own poetry generator by modifying some well-known that already exist. The following ones were recoded from Allison Parrish’s poetry generator examples. Links to the GitHub repository & jupyter notebook. Dadaist forgetfulness My first approach was to use the Dadaist poem generator with on of my own texts,…


VR in the browser!!! Material for the threeVR class @ ITP Unconference, Winter 2018


Final project for Physical Computing & ICM – ITP Fall 2017. Ilana Bonder & Nicolás Peña-Escarpentier Github repository | Link (will work on making a full web-only version soon) Sexism, harassment, abuse… They all have been historically regarded as personal issues, relegating them from the public discussion, and diverting attention of their status as sociopolitical…


Extra is an interactive conceptual exhibition piece. It combines a newspaper with sensors and projection mapping of news media to generate a reflection about media bombardment and the role of information.