The bones of the future (of a robot)

I shot for the Sun and got burned at the atmosphere Initial idea For this assignment we had to mount a motor into something, anything! From the content of the class, I already had something in mind: I wanted my own BB8! I mean, come on, look at them, they’re adorable! ?

Fragile sculpture for a fragile masculinity

Amongst the most fragile things in the universe we have glasses, grandma’s centenary china and specially, masculinity. Like, really, it is SO incredibly fragile. This fragility and how masculinity is constructed is what derives on the “Triad of Violence” and can be seen in the “Seven P’s of Men’s Violence” (both articles by Michael Kaufman)….

Beautiful Ideas, Chaotic Failures

This is a story about craziness and predictability. Everything could have been avoided, but ambition got in the way. I wanted to make a laser harp. Simple, right? Actually, no, not at all, but that made it more tempting. The concept was not that complicated: some laser diodes would be cast on phototransistors and -as…

Feather flame

For this assignment I already had a pretty good idea about what I wanted to make. I have been weirdly obsessed with feathers, and the light refracting properties from acrylic were an incredible chance to make something that suited my taste. The idea was simple: two acrylic feathers, cut in half, etched with a texture,…

Fabrication of a lumos! device

Notes on the class The “inspiration” for this project is my own lack of furniture. As an international student, I have to buy everything for my room, but given the cost of life of this wonderful city, I’ll take any chance I get to make my own things (though, probably, they’ll end up being more…