Jumping Sampler

For this sampling assignment, I decided I wanted to create something playful and relaxing. I drew inspiration from some indie games and decided to create a simple platformer where a small character would jump on different blocks to trigger some samples, while listening to a background base loop.

TL;DR: bellow you can see (hear) some experiments with my game, or follow the links to the sketch or the code

My initial idea was creating a cute pixelated character who would jump from platform to platform triggering diverse samples while traversing different backgrounds and base loops. Of course, this was a very ambitious idea that had to be simplified for a week’s work. So, I created some “floating” platforms (simply by adding a sine function linked to the number of the platform and the frameCount) and a small circular non-animated “character”. The backgrounds are simple colors, but I spent some time defining a pastel color palette to give the relaxing feel.

One of the aspects that took me a while and that I’m still not entirely happy with, is the samples I chose. Not all of them match the loops, and while it is not a bad thing (as I wanted to have “good” and “bad” blocks), I still think some of them can me a better match. I got all my loops from soundpacks.com (and used the ones with a free license).

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