Creepos everywhere

Third assignment for the Animation class – ITP Fall 2017

Made in Unreal Engine. Characters designed on Fuse CC and animated in Mixamo.

Making of…

Making projects in Unreal is not that hard, but requires a good enough system to run properly without crashing or experiencing several lag. It is pretty intuitive to use and build worlds, and the sequencer is also very straightforward.

Most of my problems came with the cameras. I knew what I wanted to make, but setting up the cameras to work as I wanted was a problem. On the first place, I tried experimenting with the cameras, but only the Cine Camera Actor is the one controllable on the sequencer. Then, I found out I would need many cameras in order to achieve the desired results. Though, all the movement on the scene, all the controls of every camera and a couple of software crashes made me decide to use only two. Also, I preferred to keep it simple between two characters instead of creating the army of creeps as my original idea was.

Finally, I couldn’t get to render the cameras with the movements I created. In the beginning, I only managed to render camera movements, without any actor in the scene. The camera actor has to be added as a Camera Cut and lock the viewport to Camera Cuts. That way, the rendering takes place correctly.

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