Layers of story and sound

The piece of music I chose for this class is Digital Love by Daft Punk. This is easily one of my favorite songs and I find myself coming back to it constantly, not only because of the feelings it evokes, but also because of its complexity and structure. This song has many instruments and layers which move between the front and the back by applying different EQ filters. This movement creates amazing depths and alternates which layer is on the front while maintaining melodic elements for consistency and offer a conceptual thread.

This can be seen clearly between 1:18 and 1:48, where the main sample gets its lower frequencies cut off and even removing some backing instruments, making the song feel more “flat”. At the same time, the accompanying riff builds up some tension going up on the scale and not resolving the pattern. And finally, at 1:43, all those instruments and frequencies come back, giving it a (half) resolution and a climax on the middle of the song.

P.S: A great analysis of the samples and techniques used on this song can be found here.

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