Dinoseed, in collaboration with Sandy Hsieh and Hau Yuan.

Making of…

We wanted to create a video that created surprise and wonder, while exploring different effects that stop motion enables. Getting the seed pack out of the screen was one of such effects. To defy people’s expectations, we made a dinosaur appear out of the ground, while feeding the soil with water and hearts.

The experience of stop motion was a great one. Every scene has to be planed carefully, as it is very hard to go back if the camera has moved. A great challenge was replicating the water, as you cannot stop it’s flow midair to take several shots. Another difficulty was having an extended arm for long periods of time, but Hau made it stoically.

For the sound, we went for a minimalistic approach. To keep the sense of awe, the music had to be kind of plain, not giving away any definite sensation. Still, the sound of chimes set the mood of marvel, in an attempt to make viewers expect something beautiful.


All the sounds and music used on this video are on the following list. Thanks to all the creators for sharing and putting their work out there:

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